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The Flow of today

This week, the stock market is booming again with the topic of the new corona vaccine. In the foreign exchange market, the dollar-yen and cross-yen have risen significantly. So far, there has been a trend of risk appetite for dollar selling, but it seems that it has become a little chaotic due to the adjustment […]

Moderna’s new corona vaccine is highly effective in preventing infection

On the 16th, the biotechnology company Moderna announced a preliminary analysis result that the new coronavirus vaccine was effective in a large-scale phase 3 clinical trial with a probability of 94.5%. The efforts of scientists and pharmaceutical companies to rush to develop powerful tools to help curb a pandemic are bearing fruit. Announced that new […]

Spread of Western corona infection

The spread of new corona infections in the United States and Europe is accelerating. According to the latest reports, Germany recorded more than 18,000 infected people a day, an increase every day since the beginning of this week. Lockdown measures will be reintroduced in France for about a month starting today. Schools are not included, […]

President Trump is infected by new corona

US President Trump (74) revealed on the 2nd that he was positive in the new coronavirus test. The infection in the final stage of the presidential election on November 3 made it difficult to hold election campaigns such as holding rallies. It will be a big blow to the strategy aiming for reelection. Elderly people […]

New corona vaccines

○ UK secures 90 million new corona vaccines The British government has signed an agreement to purchase 90 million new corona vaccine candidates developed by Pfizer, a leading pharmaceutical company in the US, Bio-N Tech in Germany, and Barneva in France. -The government announced that it will establish access to three types of vaccine candidates […]

6-week lockdown in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

〇 Pound buying advantage ⇒ Mid-London, pound buying is growing. The British government has announced that Britain’s Frost and EU chief negotiator Barnier will hold a dinner tonight to start the latest round of Brexit talks. The situation is that the GBP is currently skyrocketing. If there is a push, we will consider entry. 〇 […]