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Moderna’s new corona vaccine is highly effective in preventing infection

On the 16th, the biotechnology company Moderna announced a preliminary analysis result that the new coronavirus vaccine was effective in a large-scale phase 3 clinical trial with a probability of 94.5%. The efforts of scientists and pharmaceutical companies to rush to develop powerful tools to help curb a pandemic are bearing fruit.

Announced that new stability data showed that the company’s vaccine was stable at normal refrigerator temperature for 30 days. According to the conventional data, it was 7 days. A freezer is required for storage for more than 30 days, but no special equipment such as Pfizer’s vaccine is required.

(Source: Bloomberg)

It is quite promising that it can be stored in a normal refrigerator.

Again leaning towards intense risk-on,
I was burned by this last week, so I’m watching carefully.

When the vaccine comes out in quick succession,
It is assumed that there is a possibility that other vaccine results will continue to excite in the future.

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