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Abolition of regulations on corona measures due to expansion of British Indian mutant strains Postponed for about 1 month

The British government has announced that it will postpone plans to almost remove regulations on measures against the new coronavirus for about a month, saying that infection with the mutant virus confirmed in India is spreading rapidly in the country.

In the United Kingdom, the regulations that have been continued as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus in England, where the capital London is located, have been gradually relaxed since March, and almost all regulations such as night club operations will be abolished on June 21. It was a prospect.

However, since May, the delta strain of the mutant virus confirmed in India has expanded rapidly, and the number of infected people per day has exceeded 7,000 for the past week or so.

In response, Prime Minister Johnson announced on the 14th that the deregulation will be postponed to July 19.

Postponed as expected. There is selling pressure on the GBP, but once it’s sold out, I want to go buy GBP.

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