Developments that are swayed by risk trends, nervous even at the end of the month

“The worst of the financial instability seems to have passed for the time being.” It was reported that US Silicon Valley Bank was acquired by US regional bank First Citizens Bank and all deposits were taken over. Earlier this week, it was announced that Credit Suisse would be acquired by UBS. However, Deutsche Bank shares […]

Market interest is gathering in the US FOMC, what is the outlook for the future?

  The results of the US FOMC meeting will be announced today. Along with the extent of the rate hike, the economic outlook and interest rate outlook will be announced, and Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s conference will be held. Amidst the urgent need to deal with inflation, financial instability problems have arisen in the United […]

Fed’s new lending program could supply up to $2 trillion to the market

Market watchers are keen to probe the size of the additional money that will eventually be injected into the financial system through the Federal Reserve’s newly launched Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP). I’m watching. Analysts at JPMorgan Chase & Co. estimate it could provide up to $2 trillion in liquidity. JPMorgan’s estimate is based on […]