New corona vaccines

○ UK secures 90 million new corona vaccines

The British government has signed an agreement to purchase 90 million new corona vaccine candidates developed by Pfizer, a leading pharmaceutical company in the US, Bio-N Tech in Germany, and Barneva in France.

-The government announced that it will establish access to three types of vaccine candidates and launch a program to recruit 500,000 subjects to participate in clinical trials. ‥

(Source: Bloomberg)

〇 Pfizer and German Pharma supply 100 million corona vaccines to the US

US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and Biontech Germany have announced that they have signed a contract to receive 100 million doses of the new coronavirus vaccine developed by the two companies, receiving $1.95 billion from the US government on the 22nd.

(Source: Reuters)

A tailwind for the US and Britain. Pay particular attention to GBP movements and US stock movements.

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