The Flow of today

This week, the stock market is booming again with the topic of the new corona vaccine. In the foreign exchange market, the dollar-yen and cross-yen have risen significantly. So far, there has been a trend of risk appetite for dollar selling, but it seems that it has become a little chaotic due to the adjustment movement in the NY market yesterday. The dollar-yen pair was in the 103-yen range, and the euro-dollar pair was in the 1.19 range, and the dollar buying flow was waiting. The decline in US bond yields has subsided, and the weakening dollar has been put to a brake.

In individual currencies, attention will be paid to whether the momentum of buying pounds will continue. As for the measures against the new corona, British Prime Minister Johnson has switched from a nationwide lockdown to a regional three-step response. The purpose is to mitigate the damage to the economy. In addition, expectations for an agreement continue in trade negotiations between the UK and the EU. Regardless of the content, it seems that even if it is a provisional agreement, there is a growing possibility that only the rupture will be avoided. Despite the situation of stepping on thin ice, the pound is also blowing the tailwind of yesterday’s AstraZeneca.

This week’s trend is stock prices, yen depreciation, gold depreciation, and crypto currency appreciation.

I’m looking for which one to aim for.

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