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Spread of Western corona infection

The spread of new corona infections in the United States and Europe is accelerating. According to the latest reports, Germany recorded more than 18,000 infected people a day, an increase every day since the beginning of this week. Lockdown measures will be reintroduced in France for about a month starting today. Schools are not included, but the impact on economic activity is enormous. It seems that similar measures are being considered in Germany. There are also concerns about the tightness of medical institutions.

EUR is negative from yesterday’s ECB.
Yesterday I was selling EURJPY from here, but EUR selling did not progress as I expected.

In this case, it is easier to aim for USD selling, which is also seen from the selling point of view.
GOLD and stock indexes may be easier to trade than currencies.

Currently, I am watching carefully because it is the end of the weekend and the end of the month.
GOLD is a place where you want to buy and enter if the timing is right.

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