Euro rate is swinging, German constitutional court judges that some ECB actions are against the constitution

The German Constitutional Court ruled that some actions against the ECB’s QE were against the constitution, 7-1. It is also reported that the ECB will be ordered to correct the QE within three months.

The Eurodollar, which had once fallen to the 1.0885 level and had an advantage in sales before the announcement, rebounded to the 1.0926 level for a moment immediately after the announcement. After that, it was below 1.09 again.

▽ Immediately after the announcement, the German DAX index narrowed the rate of increase, but it was a nervous movement such as a rebound immediately. At present, the rate of increase is shrinking again.

(Source: Minkabu)

Currently, the EUR has plummeted from the above. It is assumed that EUR will be a nervous development, and the news that continues tonight will make the price move more intense. Attention.

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