Forex Top Team

ECB Meeting: Rate Cut Expected, Focus on Future Outlook

Today’s highlight is the ECB meeting outcome. The possibility of a 25 basis points rate cut has been frequently mentioned by ECB members, making it almost a certainty. The focus will be on the future outlook. First, we need to examine any changes in the staff’s economic outlook. In the previous March forecast, inflation was […]

USD/JPY Hits Year-to-Date Highs, Focus on Today’s U.S. GDP Preliminary Data

USD/JPY appears to be breaking out to the upside from the battle around 150 yen. Following the strong U.S. new home sales data released yesterday, U.S. bond yields are rising once again. This has propelled the USD/JPY into the 150 yen range, testing higher levels. Today, it has been bought up to the latter half […]

Checking the Euro Exchange Rate Trends Ahead of Tomorrow’s ECB Meeting

This week, the impression is that the dollar exchange rate is being tossed around due to the sharp fluctuations in US bond yields. One factor behind the rise in yields is the expectation that the US monetary authorities will maintain high interest rates for an extended period. Additionally, there are concerns about inflation reigniting amid […]

At the ECB Council, Market Sentiment Shifts Towards Interest Rate Hike Pause, Leading to Euro Selling – Confirmation Expected in Today’s ECB President’s Speech

This week brings a lot of market-moving events, including the US FOMC, the Bank of England, Switzerland and Turkey, China’s policy rate, and the Bank of Japan announcing their policy interest rates among major countries. However, until Wednesday’s US FOMC meeting, there’s a lack of major events. Traders are beginning the week with a wait-and-see […]

Euro Weakens as ECB Raises Key Interest Rates

The ECB has increased its key interest rates by 25 basis points. Initially, there was a surge in the Euro as the market had been evenly split between expectations of a rate hike and no change. However, the Euro’s strength was short-lived, and it quickly turned into a selling spree. In the ECB staff’s outlook, […]