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Consumer Price Index (CPI) Annual: 3.2% (Previous: 3.3%, Expected: 3.2%)

Consumer Price Index (CPI) Monthly: +0.2% (Previous: +0.2%, Expected: +0.2%) Consumer Price Index (CPI) Annual: 3.2% (Previous: 3.3%, Expected: 3.2%) Despite the drop in inflation, logically it should lead to USD selling, but currently, the market is experiencing volatility. However, the overall trend is still anticipated to lead towards USD selling in the end.

Waiting for US FOMC, check out Chairman Powell’s press conference

  Today, there is a focus on the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). Following the release of the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) yesterday, over 90% of the market has already priced in a decision to keep rates unchanged in today’s meeting. However, given the resilience of the core index, rate hike expectations for […]

Weekend started quietly, this week the US CPI on the 10th is the focus

  The beginning of the week has started quietly. Last weekend’s U.S. jobs report showed a higher-than-expected increase in employment, while the unemployment rate rose more than expected. However, there was also an impression that the firmness of the employment market had weakened somewhat. The stock market remained strong, and there was a history of […]

Financial policy will carefully check economic indicators depending on the data

Recently, both inflation and economic trends have become unstable. Central banks of major countries are moving to abandon standardized forward guidance. In line with this, although it is a matter of course, the phrase that monetary policy depends on data has been pushed to the forefront. The market has become difficult to read a proper […]