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Trading Summary for May 20 – May 24: Total Profit +18,001 USD. Bitcoin and Ethereum Investment Products Make Their Debut on the London Stock Exchange! What Does the Future Hold for the Cryptocurrency Market?

Due to a series of hawkish statements from Federal Reserve (Fed) officials and insights from the FOMC minutes indicating that “several officials are willing to tighten further if necessary,” the USD surged more than expected. Positions betting on a USD sell-off were stopped out across the board. Poor timing in closing positions also resulted in […]

Trading Summary for May 13 – May 17: Total Profit +5,907 USD. USD Plummets on US CPI! How Will the Market React to This Week’s UK, Canada, and Japan CPI Releases?

Trading Summary for May 13 – May 17: Total Profit +5,907 USD The much-anticipated US CPI was calmer than expected, leading to a significant USD selling trend. Although the trade directions were correct, the USD experienced significant volatility immediately after the data release. This resulted in substantial losses as gold and AUD buy positions hit […]