Forex Top Team

The Australian dollar is firm, and the movement of risk appetite is favorable

In the early stages of London, the Australian dollar continues to rise to high levels. There were reports that the Chinese authorities are in talks to partially end the embargo on Australian coal. In addition, there was a report that support measures for the real estate industry were being considered in China, and the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index rose sharply, which also supported the Australian dollar. European stocks have been buying for days, and the movement of risk appetite is spreading. The Australian dollar/dollar continued to be bought from the low $0.67 level in the early Tokyo morning, and has reached a high of $0.6884 in the London market from the $0.68 level. The Australian dollar/yen is also being bought in a similar manner, rising from the 88 yen range to the 89 yen range in the early days of London, reaching a high of around 89.75. The Australian dollar has performed well not only against the euro, but also against the Canadian dollar and the New Zealand dollar.

AUD is strongly buying today.

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