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France, Germany, UK, Europe, PMI are all good

Eur is bought. It responds to an unexpected improvement in the French PMI preliminary figures for June. The manufacturing industry was 52.1 (preliminary forecast 46.0), and the non-manufacturing industry was 50.3 (preliminary forecast 45.2), both higher than expected. The composite index was also 51.3 (preliminary forecast 46.8).

Following the French announcement, Germany’s PMI preliminary figures for June also showed a recovery above expectations. Manufacturing was 44.6 (preliminary forecast 42.5) and non-manufacturing was 45.8 (preliminary forecast 42.3).

The UK PMI preliminary figures for June were 50.1 for the manufacturing industry (preliminary forecast 45.0) and 47.0 for the non-manufacturing industry (preliminary forecast 40.0). With the recovery of the European PMI, the pound and euro have been buying ahead, and after the announcement, it seems that short-term profit-taking sales have appeared.

Since the PMI across the board is good, EUR buying is brisk. The situation is that GBP is being pushed to profit-taking short.

Assuming the EUR moves easily tonight.

The current position is only long of GOLD.

Currently, the power balance in 15 minutes is


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