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Inauguration ceremony of US President Biden

Today, the inauguration ceremony of US President Joe Biden, which is a historical topic, will be held. In the market, risk appetite is strengthening with expectations in advance, and dollar selling is predominant in the foreign exchange market. Today, the market trends before and after the event will be noticed. The Biden administration is likely […]

US Employment Statistics

December Number of new employees: 621,000 last time, expected 275,000December Unemployment rate Last time 8.5% Forecast 8.6%December Changes in the number of non-farm payrolls [month-on-month] Last time 245,000 people Expected 71,000 peopleDecember Unemployment rate Last time 6.7% Expected 6.8%December average hourly wage [month-on-month] Last time 0.3% Forecast 0.2%December average hourly wage [compared to the same […]

Tonight’s attention is US employment statistics

November Number of new employees: 836,000 last time, expected 20 million November Unemployment rate Last time 8.9% Forecast 8.9% November Changes in the number of non-farm payrolls [month-on-month] Last time 638,000 people Expected 469,000 people November Unemployment rate Last time 6.9% Forecast 6.8% November Average hourly wage [Monthly month] Last time 0.1% Expected 0.1% November […]

Waiting for the FOMC, the reaction of US stocks is the point

The results of the US FOMC meeting will be announced today. The market seems to be hoping that the content of Fed Chairman Powell’s speech at Jackson Hole will be more concrete. In other words, as a new strategic policy, it aims to maintain a lower interest rate policy for a longer period than before […]

Dollar short

-The dollar index at the beginning of the week is showing a downward trend. The high price level was 97.195, which was set in the morning of Tokyo, and then it unilaterally declined. It dropped to 96.820 in early London. Subsequent rebound has not reached over 97. The dollar has been weakening since July 2nd. […]

US employment statistics tonight

 The market is less alert to the risks at hand. In the NY market the day before, the US ISM manufacturing business index was 52.6, which was stronger than expected. It was also good news that the vaccine development against the new coronavirus is progressing. The second wave of the spread of infection continues, but […]