Inauguration ceremony of US President Biden

Today, the inauguration ceremony of US President Joe Biden, which is a historical topic, will be held. In the market, risk appetite is strengthening with expectations in advance, and dollar selling is predominant in the foreign exchange market. Today, the market trends before and after the event will be noticed.

The Biden administration is likely to be a busier departure than the normal change of government. First of all, we must immediately respond to the unprecedented severe situation of the new corona virus. It is a response in the midst of a large number of personnel changes accompanying the construction of a new system.

Furthermore, this time there is a tedious task that must be rewound from the radical policy change under the Trump administration. There is an urgent need to return to the Paris Agreement. Bringing together the fragmented Americans under the Trump administration has become an extremely difficult and important task.

It should be noted that the mood of the market may gradually cool down in the face of harsh reality. I would like to pay attention to whether Mr. Biden and Mr. Yellen can produce a positive mood with expectations.

Nothing happened, to Mr. Biden’s chief ceremony.

If things go safely as they are, it is assumed that stock prices rise. and USD short will be continued.

The current position, buying of AUDUSD continues.

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