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Inauguration ceremony of US President Biden

Today, the inauguration ceremony of US President Joe Biden, which is a historical topic, will be held. In the market, risk appetite is strengthening with expectations in advance, and dollar selling is predominant in the foreign exchange market. Today, the market trends before and after the event will be noticed. The Biden administration is likely […]

Waiting for the FOMC, the reaction of US stocks is the point

The results of the US FOMC meeting will be announced today. The market seems to be hoping that the content of Fed Chairman Powell’s speech at Jackson Hole will be more concrete. In other words, as a new strategic policy, it aims to maintain a lower interest rate policy for a longer period than before […]

US stocks are falling sharply today.

Along with that, yen buying is brisk. From here, the situation where we are putting the selling of USDJPY. As a possibility, I also considered EURJPY,Currently only selling USDJPY.