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USD/JPY Continues to Rise, Reacts to Strong US Economic Data

USD/JPY has temporarily risen to the upper 146 yen range. It continues to make significant gains, surpassing major levels day by day. However, the movement hasn’t been characterized by sharp surges, as the timing of potential government or Bank of Japan interventions remains uncertain.

The widening interest rate differential between the US and Japan is playing a role in supporting the rise of USD/JPY. The minutes from the recent FOMC meeting indicated the possibility of further rate hikes, highlighting the growing disparity between the Bank of Japan’s expected prolonged easing due to Yield Curve Control (YCC) and the US’s potential for additional tightening. Additionally, while US economic data varies in terms of strength and weakness, the market’s reaction to strong US economic indicators has been pushing the dollar higher. Just a couple of days ago, the dollar gained strength in response to the better-than-expected US retail sales data.

Furthermore, the overall sentiment in the dollar market is tilted towards a stronger dollar. The dollar index has reached its highest level since June 13. Apart from the aforementioned interest rate-related expectations, reports of possible downgrades for US banks have led to selling pressure in bonds, causing yields to rise. Additionally, amid ongoing risk aversion related to China’s situation and a weakening yuan, the relative strength of the dollar is gaining prominence.

Looking ahead, the upcoming economic indicators from overseas markets include Eurozone trade balance (June), South Africa’s SACCI Business Confidence Index (July), US initial jobless claims (08/06 – 08/12), Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index (August), US Leading Economic Index (July), and Canada’s international securities transactions (June), among others.


USD/JPY remains strong, but it’s important to recognize that trends don’t last forever. The upward momentum in USD/JPY might be approaching its limits. Yesterday’s positions were all stopped out, but today we are planning to explore potential selling opportunities for USD positions again.

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