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There are many speaking events today, such as Fed Chairman Powell

There are many speaking events scheduled today. An international symposium is held by the Swedish central bank. Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda, Bank of England Governor Bailey, Canadian Central Bank Governor Mackrem, ECB Governor Schnabel and others on “Central Bank Independence and New Risks” Fed Chairman Jerome Powell on “Central Bank Independence and Authority” Decos Spain The governor of the central bank and the governor of the Dutch central bank, Knott, will each participate in a debate on “What impact has monetary policy had?” All of them are related to monetary policy. In particular, the attention of the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is likely to increase.

In the London market after this, attention will likely be focused on the debates that will begin shortly after 7:00 pm Japan time, with Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda, Bank of England Governor Bailey, Bank of Canada Governor Mackrem, and ECB Governor Schnabel. After that, we will wait for Fed Chairman Jerome Powell from 11:00 pm.

Relatively few economic indicators are announced. Turkey’s unemployment rate (November), South African manufacturing output (November), rice wholesale inventories (confirmed figures) (November), etc. are scheduled. The market seems to be in a mood to check the results of the US consumer price index, which will be announced on the 12th.

Pay attention only to Powell FRB Chairman’s interview from 11:00 pm. If there is a movement here, we plan to consider riding the flow.

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