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Will the return of the dollar/yen continue?

The dollar/yen has reached a high of 134.40 in the Tokyo market today. As the Bank of Japan announced an unexpected expansion of the YCC fluctuation range on December 20, the YCC dropped sharply from the 137 yen level to the 130.50 level by about 7 yen. However, since then, it has been recovering for days after the Christmas holidays in overseas markets. It has recovered more than half of its steep decline.

Technically, it has returned to the level of the 10-day line (134.115). Will you try the 21st line (135.29) and the 200th line (136.129) in the future?

The point is likely to be the trend in US bond yields. The US 10-year bond yield has been showing an upward trend since mid-December after the US FOMC ended, and it is also pointed out that it has supported the rise of the dollar yen. Currently, it is hovering around 3.85%.


Currently, the dollar/yen has fallen to 133.67, and there are sell orders at 134.90 and 134.50, so I was thinking of selling before this level, but I failed to sell. If the price rises again, we will consider selling.

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