Forex Top Team

A calm movement in the Christmas season


The Tokyo market saw a correction from the 132 yen level to the high 131 yen level. It’s not that there were any outstanding ingredients, but that the NY market was adjusted from the high 131 yen level to the 132 yen level yesterday. With the Christmas weekend approaching, there are no active moves to take positions, and the focus is on position adjustments.
The dollar has been selling in general, and the euro/dollar has risen from the 1.0600 level in the morning to the 1.0640 level. The euro has become easier to move as the Londoners enter the market in earnest, but there are no noticeable moves.
The major currencies didn’t have much to look forward to this evening, so it seems that the cross-mass mood is developing strongly. It is expected that there will be a full-fledged movement from around the 27th after the Christmas holidays.

Turkey, which is scheduled to announce its policy interest rate at 20:00, indicated at the previous meeting that it would stop cutting interest rates, and is expected to remain unchanged at 9.0%. It is expected to remain at current levels until the presidential election in May or June next year.


It is assumed that the number of market participants will decrease today and price fluctuations will be difficult. If there is a particularly big movement, I will consider entering, but basically it is a state posture. Yesterday’s selling of AUDJPY has already stopped out and is currently no position.

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