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Many economic statistics are published, such as the US ADP employment statistics, which have been reborn as GDPs of each country

The market is unlikely to move in one direction ahead of the release of the US employment statistics tomorrow. There are many actual demand transactions at the end of the month, and price movements are not constant. Range-oriented trading tends to take center stage in the market, partly due to the topic of option expiry.

Today is the end of the month and there are many economic indicators announced. French real GDP (confirmed) (Q2 2022), German employment statistics (August), Eurozone consumer price index (HICP) (preliminary estimate) (August), Turkish real GDP (2022 2nd) quarterly), Hong Kong retail sales (July), Indian real GDP (Q2 2022), South African trade balance (July), Brazil employment statistics (July), US MBA mortgage application index (08/20 – 08) /26), US ADP employment statistics (August), Canadian monthly GDP (June), Canadian real GDP (Q2 2022), US Chicago Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) (August), etc. GDP is often announced.

Also, attention should be paid to the US ADP employment statistics, which will be changed to the new method. It will be difficult to compare with the previous figures, and the market reaction is likely to be unsettling. The market forecast is for an increase of about 300,000.

(Source: Minkabu)

Pay attention to the movement of USD after the US ADP employment statistics. Where I want to follow the flow after this.

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