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The dollar is strengthening, incorporating the high US consumer price index, and then gradually the results

Today, the US Consumer Price Index for March will be announced. Inflation is expected to accelerate further from the previous February’s + 7.9% to + 8.4% year-on-year. In the overseas market at the beginning of the week, the dollar / yen pair temporarily rose to around 125.75. It easily breaks out of the latest high 125.09 level.

In today’s Tokyo market, there was a scene where the dollar / yen pair temporarily fell back to around 125.10. The market was reacting to Treasury Minister Suzuki’s reference to the foreign exchange rate, saying that stability was important and that rapid fluctuations were not desirable. Even so, the 125-yen level has been maintained, and the 125.09 level, which was the latest high, is now being recognized as a support level.

The rest depends on the result of the US Consumer Price Index. Although some deviations from the forecast are expected, if the results do not have a strong impact that is lower than the previous figure, there will be no major change in the observation of a significant rate hike in the market. According to the latest CME Fedwatch, a 0.5% rate hike at the next FOMC meeting on May 4th is factored in by about 84%.

(Source: Minkabu)

Pay attention to the results of the US Consumer Price Index. Since the degree of weaving is high, it is assumed that there is a possibility that a big sale will come out if the numerical value does not match it. I want to move after seeing the results.

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