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The situation in Ukraine is changing every moment, and the US and EU have already agreed to exclude major Russian banks from SWIFT.

〇 SWIFT sanctions, devastating damage to the Russian economy
The decision by Western countries to exclude Russia’s “partial” banks from SWIFT (International Interbank Communications Association) on the 26th will have a serious impact on the country’s economy, but it will also hurt Western companies and banks. To exert. It is also important that the West leaves room for further sanctions.

Sanctions to remove Russia from SWIFT, which the EU was hesitant to do, are also in operation.
Of course, this is a double-edged sword for the EU as it causes soaring resource prices.
This may not be the point of raising interest rates.

It is expected that the EUR will continue to be under great selling pressure in the future. We plan to sell EUR this week.

〇 To the Ukrainian ceasefire negotiations, start in the afternoon, success or failure is unclear

Regarding the ceasefire negotiations agreed between Russia and Ukraine on the 27th, Tass reported that it will start on the morning of the 28th as a source. Ukrainian President Oleksandr Zelensky said on the 27th, “I have no great expectations for the negotiations,” and the success or failure is unclear. Officials from the presidential palace said some Russian troops around Kyiv had stopped marching.

No progress can be expected, but it is assumed that there is a possibility that the market will move depending on the results.

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