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Russia does not take new military action Mr Putin agrees and French officials

Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed not to take any new military action around Ukraine for the time being, according to French government officials on condition of anonymity after the French-Russian summit.

He also agreed to withdraw troops participating in military exercises in Belarus near the Ukrainian border after the exercises.

President Putin has a six-hour meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. Mr Putin did not show such a concession at the press conference after the meeting. Reuters has not confirmed whether Russia actually made such a promise.

At the meeting, French officials agreed that President Macron would “start a dialogue on strategic issues.” However, I did not go into the details of the dialogue.

At the parley, an agreement was reached to strengthen diplomacy under high-level talks between France, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine, which is called the “Normandy format.”


France sometimes responds in a different position from the United States and the United Kingdom. For example, even in Afghanistan, it is so good at military intelligence analysis that it withdrew three months earlier than the United States.

Do you feel that France has gone to the point of this meeting as well?

Basically, it is assumed that the situation in Ukraine will not worsen any further.

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