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First of all, to wait and see if the adjustment movement is taking a break during the US FOMC week

This week will be the first US FOMC meeting week of the year. The market is factored in the start of a rate hike in March, and the focus will be on whether it will be 0.25% wide or 0.5% as expected. The point is whether or not you can get a hint about this in the US FOMC this time.

In the latter half of last week, the global stock markets including the United States closed due to a sharp drop in trading. Among them, Chinese stocks have stopped declining. The People’s Bank of China’s monetary easing stance impressed with its decoupling with US monetary policy. Whether the flow of funds from developed countries, which are becoming more concerned about inflation, to emerging markets will begin in earnest. I would like to check this point as well.

At the beginning of the week, trading started with a relatively quiet development. The Dow Jones Industrial Average futures on overtime trading have rebounded slightly and have stopped declining. Whether the wait-and-see mood will continue toward the announcement of the results of the US FOMC meeting on the 26th. First of all, it seems that it will be developed while keeping an eye on the stock trends in overseas markets after this.

First of all, tonight’sUSA stocks are the focus of attention. I have the impression that cryptocurrencies, stocks, etc. are all escaping funds and preparing for rate hikes, but this is the case even though the actual rate hikes have not yet begun.

In the process of raising interest rates in the future, we will pay attention to how far US stocks will decline.

Even if the USD rises due to a rate hike, the risk of a fall in stocks may cause a JPY buy, and the dollar-yen pair may continue to increase under downward pressure rather than an increase.

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