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Many U.S. financial officials are speaking today ahead of the weekend blackout.

Today, there are numerous events featuring speeches by US monetary authorities. This comes as we approach the “blackout period,” which begins on Saturday and lasts until the conclusion of the December 13th FOMC meeting. During this blackout period, Federal Reserve officials refrain from making public comments related to monetary policy. Market expectations for this FOMC […]

Waiting for US FOMC, no noticeable indicators in Europe

Today’s focus is on the outcome and statement of the FOMC meeting, as well as the press conference by Fed Chair Powell. The market is anticipating that the recent slowdown in the growth of US Consumer Price Index and Producer Price Index may halt further rate hikes in this FOMC meeting. However, it’s important to […]

US FOMC, ECB, Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Announcement next week

This week has seen a strengthening in USD, but the reasons behind its rally are questionable. There seems to be a correction in the market after a continuous 6-day USD decline until last week. Various factors are influencing the market sentiment. For USDJPY, BOJ Governor Kuroda’s reaffirmation of the easing stance cooled down the YCC […]

June FOMC Expected to Stay Unchanged, But Still Fluid Ahead of US Employment Data

Yesterday, market sentiment shifted towards a majority expectation of the June FOMC remaining unchanged. This change was in response to the support for holding off on rate hikes from a Jefferson Fed Board member and the President of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve, Harker. Prominent Fed watchers had also indicated a possibility of no rate hike. […]

What is FOMC?

The FOMC, or Federal Open Market Committee, is a branch of the United States Federal Reserve System that is responsible for overseeing the nation’s open market operations. This committee plays a crucial role in setting monetary policy for the U.S. economy, which has a significant impact on various aspects of the economy, such as interest […]

Market interest is gathering in the US FOMC, what is the outlook for the future?

  The results of the US FOMC meeting will be announced today. Along with the extent of the rate hike, the economic outlook and interest rate outlook will be announced, and Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s conference will be held. Amidst the urgent need to deal with inflation, financial instability problems have arisen in the United […]