Even with the spread of Omicron infection, stock prices are limited and quiet market development

The infection of Omicron strains is spreading rapidly worldwide. However, it is reported that there are few cases of serious illness in each country, and the stock market is not inclined to risk alert. In the NY stock market yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S & P500 closed slightly higher, and the Nasdaq Index almost cleared the decline and closed. In European stocks, German DAX and French CAC closed softly, but it seems that it was a natural adjustment sale amid high price caution. The British FT after the Golden Week holidays remained strong.

In the foreign exchange market, the dollar-yen pair has hit the 115-yen level for the first time in about a month. In the NY market, there was a scene where the dollar was sold, but in today’s Tokyo market, it has been put on the 115 yen level again. The cross-yen is generally depreciating, indicating that risk alertness is receding.

In the overseas market after this, it is expected that the market will be thin at the end of the year as on the previous day. There seems to be a scene where the price movement becomes rough led by the flow. However, as risk trends are relatively stable, yen selling pressure is likely to continue. Just in case, it will be a transaction while paying attention to the adjusted selling of the stock market.

USDJPY has exceeded the remarkable 115.00. From the price movement, the lower price is getting firmer, so it is expected that it will rise toward the 116 yen level next time.

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