British Health Minister Javid, the infectivity of the Omicron strain is amazing, no deaths have been confirmed in England yet

British Health Minister Javid said the infectivity of the Omicron strain was astounding. About 40% of infected people in London are associated with the Omicron strain. On the other hand, in England, death from the Omicron strain has not yet been confirmed, and the third vaccination will prevent the infection.

The pound sterling market was sold first in the early part of London, but it is reluctant to lower at the moment. Pound dollar swings from around 1.3220 to around 1.3250. After the pound sterling fell to around 150.10, it moved to a high of 150.60. Pound sterling is predominant against the euro.

(Source: Minkabu)

Astonishing speed that 40% is already infected with Omicron. However, as reported so far, the current situation is that although it is infected, it is difficult for people to die.

It is assumed that the optimistic view will not change.

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