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US monetary authorities, considering zero interest rate this year and next year-FOMC attention point

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At the Federal Open Market Commission (FOMC) meeting held by US monetary authorities on the 10th and 10th of each year, policy rates will be set this year and next year to help recover from the recession triggered by the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Is likely to be considered near zero.

It is almost certain that FOMC will leave the target range for the federal fund (FF interest rate) at 0-0.25% this time. At 2:00 pm EST (11 am GMT, Japan time), we will release the latest quarterly economic forecast, including a statement and a dot plot of interest rate forecast participants. In March, we forgot to announce the forecast due to the uncertainty of the new Corona, and since December of last year. From 2:30 pm, the Powell Federal Reserve Board (FRB) chairman will hold a press conference via video.

(Source: Bloomberg)

If there is a big flow in USD, I would like to follow.

On the contrary, it is assumed that until then there will be a sense of caution and it will be difficult to move.

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