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Buying back to the euro, European natural gas futures are slowing down

In the early stages of London, there was a buyback in the euro market. The rise in European natural gas futures has come to a halt today, prompting euro buying. The euro is reluctant to fall against major currencies such as the dollar, the yen and the pound. Recently, the EUR seems to react sensitively […]

Nervous market, reaction to risk trends is unstable

Looking at the stock market, the foreign exchange market is showing quite nervous price movements. Yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted to $ 1200 at one point due to the deterioration of the financial results of US retailers. It looks like the weakness of the stock market has been revealed recently. The dollar-yen pair […]

Expectations for ceasefire talks will increase as euro buying strengthens

In the early part of London, the movement to buy euros is increasing. Today, a ceasefire talks between Ukraine and Russia are being held face-to-face in Istanbul, Turkey. The Russian side has reported that it will issue a statement after the talks, and the market seems to be raising expectations for the agreement. There are […]

ECB officials are cautious The euro’s topside continues to be heavy

Eurodollar is around 1.1440, and the top price is getting heavier again. The Euroyen softened from rubbing around 130.70 to around 130.50. The euro is weak against the pound. Several ECB officials have shown a cautious stance. “There is still a lot of slack in the eurozone economy,” said Central Bank Governor Lane Finland. “Eurozone […]