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The Holiday Mood Continues

On the day after Christmas, Boxing Day, many markets in Oceania, Europe, Hong Kong, and more are closed. It is expected that the Tokyo market will continue to have a holiday mood similar to yesterday.

The New York market is not expected to see a full return of participants, and a wait-and-see attitude may prevail. However, with a somewhat vulnerable tone for the US dollar, it’s important to be cautious in case New York participants become more active than expected when trading resumes after Christmas.

While the USD/JPY is likely to trade primarily in the 142-yen range, movements toward the 141-yen range should be monitored.

For EUR/USD, the focus has been on trading in the mid-1.10s. Will there be attempts to move higher? In terms of the Tokyo market, there is a possibility of trying to test the 1.09-yen range, especially in EUR/JPY selling.


Expectations for significant movements in the foreign exchange market are low, so this week, the focus is on cryptocurrencies. In particular, SOL (Solana) has seen significant upward movement, so it’s worth considering riding this trend.”

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