Forex Top Team

In the summer lull market, waiting for the Jackson Hole Symposium over the weekend might be a time to reevaluate strategies.

This week marks the peak of summer holidays for foreign participants and others. In terms of market-moving events, there are few scheduled speeches by major central bank officials. Major economic statistics for August releases are mostly available. The Jackson Hole Symposium from August 24 to 26, with a particular focus on Chairman Powell’s speech on the 25th, has captured market attention, leading to a waiting stance in the early part of the week.

Ahead of Chairman Powell’s speech, the market is divided on whether there will be a pause in rate hikes or if there’s still a risk of further hikes. Short-term trading strategies will heavily depend on the content of Chairman Powell’s remarks. On the other hand, in the medium to long term, inflation in various countries is expected to gradually settle, leading to a potential shift from the rate hike process. The timing for bond investments and other strategies is still uncertain among investors. As we approach the end of August, investors are likely to reevaluate their trading strategies for the future.

In terms of upcoming economic indicators in the global markets, only the Hong Kong Consumer Price Index for July is set to be released. Major economic indicators from the UK, Europe, US, Canada, and others are not scheduled for release.

For today, a range-bound market is expected to prevail.