Forex Top Team

Dollar buying intensifies, US GDP deflator unexpectedly rises


Preliminary figures for the first quarter of the US GDP have been announced. The annual growth rate was +1.1% compared to the previous quarter, slowing down from +2.6% in the previous period, and fell short of market expectations of +1.9%. However, the GDP deflator was +4.0% and the core deflator was +4.9%, unexpectedly rising from the previous time. As a result, dollar buying has intensified.

After falling to the 133.24 level momentarily, the dollar/yen was bought at once and rose to around 133.90. The EUR/USD fell slightly after being bought around 1.1060, dropping to new lows at the 1.1012 level. The 10-year U.S. Treasury yield rose slightly to the 3.48% level after falling slightly to the 3.44% level.

I am inclined to buy USD, but I judged that the number was not enough to enter as a buy, so no entry. Rather, I would like to aim for a dollar-selling entry when dollar-buying has settled down.