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Check the continuation of the weak dollar trend for next week, today’s US retail sales, etc.


This week will be a week in which the release of US economic statistics will be the center of attention. The US consumer price index and the US producer price index headline numbers have slowed further, putting pressure on the dollar to sell. The market consensus is that the FOMC will raise interest rates by 25 basis points in May, and after that, the interest rate will be left unchanged for a while. The next step is to find out when to start cutting interest rates.

Today, the U.S. import price index, U.S. retail sales, U.S. industrial production, U.S. corporate inventories, and the University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Index/preliminary figures will be announced. If a series of indicators reveals a slowdown in the US economy, it will likely increase the likelihood that the Fed will start cutting interest rates by the end of the year. Looking ahead to next week, we would like to check the continuation of the dollar depreciation trend in the foreign exchange market.

It is likely that US-related matters will also be the focus of financial officials’ remarks and event schedules. Today, lectures and event participation by Chicago Fed President Goolsby, FRB Director Waller, and others are scheduled. In addition, Bank of England Commissioner Tenreiro, Finance Minister I Kanda, and German Federal Reserve Bank President Nagel are scheduled to attend the event.

(Source: Minkabu)

The flow is completely USD selling perspective. However, today’s US retail sales at 21:30 and the University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Index at 23:00 may make a big move again, so be careful.

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