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New President Ueda’s remarks, as expected



The dollar/yen has risen to the 133 yen level. At the first press conference by the new governor of the Bank of Japan, Mr. Ueda, who attracted a lot of attention, showed a certain positive attitude, such as referring to discussions on a joint statement when the situation changes in the future. became. Impression that it is within the expectations of the market. The dollar/yen pair has been selling yen after the press conference. In addition to the movement in response to the maintenance of the dovish stance, the trend of strong dollar and weak yen after last weekend’s US employment statistics has strengthened as the event cleared.


There were expectations about the change in YCC, but it was completely ignored, and the press conference was dovish and there was no change in the easing stance. From here, the yen weakens and the dollar strengthens, and the dollar/yen is currently in the upper 133 yen range. For now, I assume there is no room for entry today.


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