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Focus on the US and European inflation indicators, focusing on the slowdown of the US PCE deflator


Today, the preliminary figures for the Eurozone Consumer Price Index and the US PCE deflator will be announced. All of these are attracting a great deal of attention as having a major impact on the course of future monetary policy.

The February US PCE deflator is highly novel compared to the Eurozone. Growth is expected to slow down from +5.4% in the previous year to +5.1% from the previous year. The core deflator is expected to be +4.7% from the previous year, the same level as last time. The February US consumer price index, released on March 14, was up 6.0% year-on-year, slowing down from the previous +6.4%. The core year-on-year growth was +5.5%, a slight slowdown from the previous +5.6%. If the CPI and PCE deflator results show different trends, it will probably surprise the market, but no extreme results are expected at the forecasting stage.

21:30 Pay attention to the movement of the US dollar after the US PCE deflator. I want to keep up with the movement here.

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