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Today is the announcement of the US GDP preliminary figures, attention is paid to the growth rate and price-related indicators


Preliminary US GDP figures for the fourth quarter of last year will be announced today. It is attracting attention as a figure that indicates the trend of the US economy at the end of last year. The market is forecasting an annual growth rate of +2.6% compared to the previous quarter, which is expected to slow down slightly from the previous +3.2%. However, personal consumption is expected to rise by +2.9% from +2.3% in the previous survey.

Price-related indicators are also likely to draw attention. The US FOMC will focus on the PCE deflator, which will be announced tomorrow, but today’s indicators are also likely to be helpful. The GDP price index is expected to grow at an annualized rate of +3.2% from the previous quarter of +4.4%. The core index is also expected to slow down to +3.9% from +4.7% in the previous survey.

Both the growth rate and prices are expected to weaken at the forecast stage, although both will depend on the outcome. It can be assumed that the market will be slightly biased toward dollar selling.

Other economic indicators released include U.S. wholesale inventories (preliminary figures) (December), U.S. durable goods orders (preliminary figures) (December), U.S. unemployment insurance claims (01/15 – 01/21), U.S. new housing A series of US economic data will be released, including the number of sales (December). In South Africa, the producer price index (December) and the central bank policy rate (January) will be announced. No key economic indicators were announced during London/European time, and it is likely that the US GDP will be awaited.

(Source: Minkabu)

US GDP, Today, we assume that if we follow the trend after this, it will be easy for profits to rise.

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