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Ahead of tomorrow’s announcement of the Bank of Japan results, today is the calm before the storm


The market’s attention is focused on the announcement of the results of the Bank of Japan’s monetary policy meeting on the 18th. With 10-year bond yields surpassing 0.50% on a daily basis in the bond market, there is a question of whether the BOJ will move to further expand the range of YCC fluctuations, or whether it will take a wait-and-see approach this time as an inspection. I know. Even if it were to be postponed, there is a possibility that future guidelines will be shown, and the level of interest in BOJ Governor Kuroda’s press conference after the announcement is likely to be quite high.

Yesterday’s overseas market was led by Europe. The background was that the United States was in stock and bond markets for Martin Luther King’s Day. In the midst of this, there was a buying movement in the dollar market. It was a form of adjustment in the trend of dollar depreciation. At the same time, the appreciation of the yen has also been adjusted, and it seems that the market is finally ready to wait for the results of the Bank of Japan. After a series of adjustments, today’s development is expected to be difficult to move.

The attention-grabbing Bank of Japan monetary policy meeting, Governor Kuroda’s press conference is tomorrow. Based on speculation for the Japanese yen, we assume that USDJPY is likely to fall sharply today.

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