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Will the pattern-viewing mood spread?

The US market was closed yesterday for Thanksgiving. Although the market is open today, the markets for stocks and bonds are truncated, and the foreign exchange market has extremely few participants every year. With few trading participants, the market is likely to enter a wait-and-see mood.

Is the dollar/yen trending around the 138 yen level? In the morning of Tokyo, there was a scene of a rise to the 139 yen level, but there was a cautious stance on buying at the 139 yen level. The euro/dollar pair fell below 1.04 during the dollar-buying phase in the morning of Tokyo, but is cautious about selling the euro at the 1.03 level and buying the dollar. It seems to be a calm movement.


As we enter the US Thanksgiving Day today, the pair is expected to move into a range from beginning to end. We plan to be cautious about trading as the direction may change suddenly.

Current position is only small USDCHF sell.

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