Forex Top Team

Dollar-yen temporarily leveled at 147.59, yen-selling gains momentum again at President Kuroda’s press conference


In the early stages of London, the dollar/yen rose from the 147 yen level to a high of 147.59. The cross yen is also bought, and the yen is selling. The euro/yen rose from around 146 yen to the 146.79 level, and the pound/yen rose from around 169 yen to the 170.00 level.

Kuroda, Governor of the Bank of Japan, said, “I don’t think there will be an interest rate hike or an exit right now,” giving an impression that he will stick to the ultra-loose policy. In addition, the Bank of Japan has increased the number of super-long-term bonds it plans to buy government bonds in the November quarter. We are changing our quarterly schedule for the first time. The market appears to have accepted the tightening of monetary easing measures.


With this, today is the yen depreciation trend again,