Forex Top Team

Intervention caution remains, but be aware of the above

The dollar/yen is strongly conscious of an upward trend. Selling just before 150 yen restrained the top price in the Tokyo market. However, after 3:00 p.m., the stock is showing a movement to renew the high price of 149.98 yen, and the intervention warning is also on the rise.
There is a possibility that selling related to option trading will be stopped before 150 yen, but if it exceeds 150 yen, it will be stopped by that amount. The development continues with the above in mind.
China has eased restrictions related to corona. It is reported that the shortening of the immigration quarantine period is being considered, and there is also a scene of the appreciation of the European currency. The euro/dollar, which has been trading between the 0.9750 and 0.9790 levels, continues its upward trend.


Despite strong resistance at USDJPY150.00, the lower price is also solid. We are selling, but if the conflict continues, we plan to settle and run away.

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