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Bank of England prepares to extend government bond purchases Suggestion to financial institutions


The Bank of England has already privately informed financial institutions that it is prepared to extend its emergency bond-buying program, which is scheduled to run until March 14, if the market requires it. The Financial Times reported on the 12th, citing multiple sources.

The Bank of England announced on Thursday that it will also buy inflation-linked bonds. “Market malfunctions and unavoidable ‘fire selling’ surges pose significant risks to UK financial stability,” it said.

However, central bank governor Bailey has made it clear that the program will not be extended.


Unreliable remarks by the Bank of England Governor, which can be said to be England’s annual. I still can’t see the consistency in the statements of key figures.

My guess is that Governor Bailey’s remarks have caused the market to go into turmoil, and that the Bank of England has wiped its back.

It is assumed that Haley’s remarks about the limit of the central bank also suggested the limit of the Bank of Japan and that the Japanese yen was also sold. USDJPY has already broken through the resistance of 146 yen before the intervention.

I won’t be messing with GBP any more this week because it’s going to rock the headlines too much.

EURGBP buy, USDJPY sell already stopped out.

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