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Awareness of trends in risk appetite and developments with a view to stock market trends

The global rise in stock prices since the latter half of last week has supported the dollar/yen. After a lull in the decline in US stocks following the positive interest rate hike by US Fed Chairman Jerome Powell on Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average on the same day was repurchased to the point where it firmly recovered to positive territory, leading to an increase in stock prices. A sense of security. With buying in that trend on Friday, US stocks are also maintaining a firm tone at the beginning of the week.

If this trend continues in overseas markets after this, the dollar/yen will be in a favorable mood for buying. After last weekend’s major correction to the mid-141 yen level, the overheating has taken a breather, and this has led to a situation where it is easy to test the topside.

The dollar/yen pair has recovered to around 143 yen, and if it stabilizes around 144 yen, it is likely that there will be a move to try 144 yen.

The dollar/yen pair continues to be a buying target.

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