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US employment statistics, pay attention to wages as well as the number of employees

In the May US Employment Statistics released today, we would like to pay attention to the increase in the average hourly wage as well as the pace of increase in the number of employees and the expectation that the unemployment rate will decrease. According to the market forecast, it is expected to be about + 5.2% year-on-year, and the growth is expected to settle down from the previous + 5.5%.

If it slows more than expected, the feeling of peak out of US inflation will spread again, and it is possible that stock prices will rise, the yen will weaken, and the dollar will weaken.

On the other hand, if the growth is higher than expected, wage inflation pressure will be wary, and the hawkish remarks of Director Waller and Vice-Chair Brainard are likely to be re-recognized. With weekend adjustments, the stock market will be squeezed, and the yen will appreciate and the dollar will strengthen.

Pay attention to the figures in the US employment statistics. Where you want to follow the flow of USD that came out here.

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