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A sense of risk caution is a little persistent

Is the dollar / yen pair a little overpriced in overseas markets on weekends? In the overseas market yesterday, the price dropped to the 126 yen level in the early part of London, and then recovered firmly to the 127 yen level. Also careful.
In the Tokyo market, dollar sales were triggered by a decline in US bond yields, but although it was heavy, the decline itself was calm, but the movement impressed that it was easy for dollar sales to enter.
After this, there is a high possibility that sales will come out on the return.

Eurodollar is relatively solid. Expectations for a rate hike in July and September by the ECB are rising here, and it is in a position to support euro buying. There is not much momentum to just try 1.08, and range trading is likely to be the main focus.

Is the material of interest the US PCE deflator at 21:30? Although the index is subject to inflation targeting, its impact on the market is often limited because there is little difference in direction from the CPI. As the degree of attention is increasing, there is a possibility that the reaction will increase if it deviates from expectations.

The direction has not been decided this week, and it seems to be swayed, but it is expected that a big flow will come out after the US PCE deflator. I am thinking of following the flow after this in the short term.

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