Forex Top Team

Watch the movement of risk alert

The US stock market last weekend was repurchased for the first time in a long time. However, risk caution is smoldering in the after-hours trading of US stocks at the beginning of the week, as sales have become dominant due to the rise in the early stages.

The risk trends in overseas markets after this will be the focus of attention. Russia’s problems have led to grain distribution problems, and the impact on the world economy is becoming more conscious. However, there was not enough momentum to buy yen at once, and I wanted to be cautious and determine the next flow.

European currencies are conscious of the weight of the upside. Is the Eurodollar a heavy upside due to concerns over the seriousness of the Russian problem over Finland and Sweden’s NATO application from last weekend? In the UK, the consumer price index announced this week is expected to rise by 9% year-on-year, which is also a vigilant development.

The announcement of economic indicators is not planned to be so big, and while the downward development continues, the risk of downward movement is a little high.

It is assumed that the EUR will continue to have a heavy upside. From here to sell EURUSD earlier.

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