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Will the weekend calm down even during the week of rapid stock price depreciation?

This week, stock prices have been depreciating worldwide, including US stocks. Bad factors such as strong inflation alerts, monetary tightening stance, and concerns about a future economic slowdown have been pushed to the fore.

After passing the announcement of indicators such as the US Consumer Price Index and the Producer Price Index, which attracted attention when exploring inflation trends, it was impressed that the high inflation that the financial authorities could not tolerate continued. In addition, as Russia’s hard-line stance in the situation in Ukraine continued, the news that Finland applied for NATO membership became even more cautious. In Europe and the United Kingdom, observations of an economic slowdown in the latter half of the year are widespread. Although there are some signs of improvement in China’s infection situation, strong lockdown measures continue. The situation is full of anxiety for the global economic outlook. Yields on 10-year US Treasury bonds fell sharply as they could not maintain the level above 3%. It was also reported that Apple stock, which is a representative stock of US stocks, fell by 20% from the high price.

However, the market at the moment seems to be taking a break. In the US stock market the day before, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S & P500 narrowed the rate of decline. The Nasdaq Index has barely secured a positive territory and closed. Today’s US stock futures and after-hours trading are in the positive territory. The dollar-yen exchange rate plunged to around 127.50 yesterday and then rebounded to the low 128-yen level. Today, it has returned to the 129 yen level. It is unpredictable whether it will be reluctant to lower for the weekend.

USDJPY has also fallen sharply for the first time in a while. The US dollar index has risen to 104 units and remains strong, but JPY buying is stronger than USD. The adjustment is still deepening, and it is expected to be lowered to about 125 yen.

Today, from the report of Finland’s accession to NATO yesterday, the situation is that it is selling mainly on the EUR in consideration of Russia’s opposition.

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