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FOMC suggests a reduction in assets held up to $ 95 billion per month-Summary of proceedings

At a meeting held by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) on March 15-16, the Federal Reserve Board (FRB)’s large assets were held up to $ 95 billion per month. It was suggested that it would shrink at the pace of. It became clear in the agenda released on the 6th.

According to this, if Russia did not invade Ukraine, “many” officials supported a 0.5 point rate hike at the March meeting, but it was limited to 0.25 points in response to the actual invasion. “Many” officials also acknowledged that a 0.5-point rate hike could be appropriate at least once if inflation pressures do not ease.

(Source: Bloomberg)

Although it did not rise sharply because it was woven in, I think that the big flow of USD buying will not change.

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