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Russian army to launch exercises such as ballistic missiles on the 19th

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on the 18th that nuclear forces will carry out exercises on the 19th under the supervision of President Putin. The exercise will launch ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.

Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Peskov said the exercises on the 19th were part of regular training and had no intention of raising tensions.

For the past four months, Russian troops have become more active, such as gathering troops near the Ukrainian border, and tensions with the West are increasing.

The Pentagon explained that the exercises would test the readiness of military command, management, combat personnel, battleships, and strategic missile carriers, as well as the reliability of strategic nuclear and non-nuclear weapons. The Air Force, Southern Military District, Strategic Missile Forces, Northern Fleet, Black Sea Fleet, etc. will participate.


Tension deepens and further risk off. There is a lot of selling pressure on the EUR,
However, today is a weekend, so it’s hard to get out of hand.

Currently, the power balance in 5 minutes is


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