Continue to buy dollars after tomorrow’s US employment statistics?

London morning, after buying dollars first, take a break at the moment. Eurodollar was pushed down to the latter half of 1.12 and then rebounded to 1.13. After the pound-dollar fell below 1.35 at one point, it has been repurchased to the low 1.35. Among them, the dollar-yen pair has been selling ahead in response to risk trends, and then the dollar-yen pair has stopped declining as European stocks and US stock futures are reluctant to decline.

Tomorrow will be released in December US employment statistics. The current forecast is that the number of non-farm payrolls will grow to 425,000, recovering from the previous November’s 210,000. The unemployment rate is also expected to drop again to 4.1% from the previous 4.2%. Yields on US bonds continue to rise and are expected to support the dollar.

Yesterday’s ADP employment statistics were 807,000, far higher than expected. From here, it is assumed that USDJPY is actually stable because expectations for tomorrow’s US employment statistics are high.

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